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About Shared Value Project Hong Kong

The Shared Value Project is leading the development of Shared Value in Hong Kong through advocacy, a knowledge repository, peer to peer sharing, and practice. As part of the Shared Value Initiative global network, we aim to align profit with purpose and harness the strengths of big business to address complex social issues in Hong Kong and regionally. We promote the competitive advantages gained by strategically aligning business to create social impact. The business case for shared value creation (as defined in Michael Porter and Mark Kramer’s HBR article) is compelling. As a corporate-funded not for profit, Shared Value Project Hong Kong will provide a partnership platform and facilitate tri-sector collaboration on projects of common interest. Leading the development /adoption of shared value creation by example, our first initiatives will be in the areas of HK’s mental health and Youth Development, and we will shortly be scoping the projects. The goal is to create sustainable, scalable business opportunities that at the same time address factors that otherwise contribute to large scale social issues.

MD Junior

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MD Junior is a student-run nonprofit that mobilizes youth to bridge the Health Gap. Using a unique service-learning methodology for empowering youth in health, MDJunior is able to address pressing community health problems.

Mental Health Visioning and Scoping Workshop hosted by Accenture Hong Kong

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Mental Health Visioning and Scoping Workshop hosted by Accenture Hong Kong Accenture Hong Kong hosted the ‘Mental Health Visioning and Scoping Workshop’ for Shared Value Project Hong Kong (SVPHK) on 24 August. This workshop was the first key activity of SVPHK. Attended by executives and managers from industry leaders in banking, insurance, healthcare and consumer products at the Accenture Digital Studio, the workshop gathered SVPHK members to co-create innovative ways to address the mental health challenge in Hong Kong while bringing business value. Mental health

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