SVPHK x GlobeScan:
Creating Shared Value –
Toward Business Models with Social Impact

Published: 24 March 2020 | 62 mins video

Gaëlle Loiseau, CEO of Shared Value Project Hong Kong (SVPHK)
Martina Mok, Head of Programmes & Partnerships, SVPHK
Wander Meijer, Director, Asia Pacific, GlobeScan

Asian cities – and Hong Kong in particular – are facing greater challenges than ever before. The economic downturn, ageing population and housing crisis are just a few of the complex issues challenging all facets of society. What actions do people expect from businesses? How can business adapt and foster more inclusive, sustainable growth?

Creating Shared Value (CSV) is is a powerful approach that prompts business to rethink its long-term competitiveness while improving social and environmental conditions where it operates. How can companies design profitable products, services and value chain models with measurable social or environmental impact?

Hybrid Metrics:
Connecting Shared Value to Shareholder Value

Published: 3 November 2020 | 76 mins video
Read the article – Where ESG Rating Fails: The Case fore New Metrics

Mark Kramer, SVPHK Board Director & Managing Director of FSG
Leanna Orr, Deputy Editor, Institutional Investor
Dr. Nadira Lamrad, Director – Sustainability & ESG Advisory; Communications, Business Environment Council (BEC)

In the report, ‘Hybrid Metrics: Connecting Shared Value to Shareholder Value’, SVPHK Board Director and Co-Founder & Managing Director of FSG, Mark Kramer and fellow co-authors make the case for a new approach to investor reporting that combines a company’s social and environmental impact with standard measures of financial performance, making the connection between the two explicit.

In this free public webinar, SVPHK and SVP ANZ are hosting a live Q&A with Mark moderated by Dr. Nadira Lamrad of Business Environment Council, to discuss the implications for the Asian business community. The session begins with a pre-recorded discussion between Mark and Institutional Investor’s Deputy Editor, Leanna Orr, from the global launch.


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