Creating Shared Value

Impatient Optimism in a World on Hold

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Reflecting on the last few months of industry events, partner conversations and Member meetings, here are my observations on some major barriers to social innovation in Hong Kong. Some of my views may be unpopular, but then again we’re not here to be mainstream. Alongside each is an example of what we’ve tried in overcoming that barrier, in case it’s useful to others.

I Dream A Shared Value Dream

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In 2012/13, I was tasked to help establish a whole new government funding scheme, namely the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (SIE) Fund, with an aim to provide impetus to propel the development of social entrepreneurs and build the local social innovation ecosystem.  At the time, the government had been providing resources to fund and support the development of the social enterprise sector for almost a decade. The staunch support from the government had already enabled the social enterprise sector to flourish and gain recognition generally in Hong Kong.

Enactus on Creating Shared Value

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Enactus and SVPHK are establishing collaborations on several business initiatives towards a common vision in driving a better sustainable future world.The first initiative is to present our student-led social innovation projects to the business world. We target to leverage our networks in connecting corporates who are committed to shared value creation and seeking innovative ideas; and students who are passionate in social innovation and seeking business advisory in sustaining their projects. We aspire to create synergy and positive impacts with effective resource allocation through partnerships.

Financial inclusion: Lessons for Creating Shared Value

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The UN countries have focused on delivering aid to the third world to help bring economic development and prosperity. What they have also done is to bring financial inclusion so well that many of these countries, particularly Kenya and Vietnam, are now in a position to leapfrog the more traditional, cash-reliant economies.  Tens of millions of Asians, Europeans and Americans remain unbanked or underbanked.

Developing Effective Mental Health Solutions in Hong Kong

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Caleb Chiu, CTO and Co-founder of Neurum shares his experiences and tips for developing Mental Health Hong Kong solutions. Experiencing a mental illness is like a journey with a winding series of stages. Understanding the different impact of these stages helps us to manage them better and move towards recovery.

Meet the Team: Martina Mok – My Wandering Path to Purpose

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Three months ago, I moved back from New York, quite unexpectedly, to help build Shared Value Project Hong Kong, after one fateful coffee meeting. Coming from six years in public relations, this new role is vastly different and yet makes perfect sense. I was asked to share my story – so here’s a candid account of my wandering path to purpose, and a few things I learned.

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