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5 Social Innovation Trends in Hong Kong with Shared Value Opportunities

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Some people think Hong Kong can be a hard-nosed, apathetic place on the surface. But look a little deeper and you’ll find many people here have a generous capacity to “care” and design creative solutions to complex problems. That much is clear from our daily conversations with businesses, NGOs and social innovators. So what’s lacking?

Sprint Hackathon – “Be Inspired. Be a Social Innovation Hacker”

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Be a Volunteer Hacker for Social Innovation Who should join? Business professionals (2+ years of work experience) with a passion to serve the local community Those who would love to collaborate with NGO leaders at a high energy hackathon Why should you join? Learn design thinking, share and network with NGO leaders and like-minded professionals Make good use of your professional insights to innovate NGO programs Spend a fun-filled day for social innovation Register now!

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