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Do Hongkongers Have Chinese Passports?

Do Hongkongers have Chinese passports or BNO passports? It’s a common question, but if you haven’t thought about it, you might be surprised to learn that they don’t! Hong Kong became part of the Mainland about two decades ago, and its people should be proud to have one! A passport symbolizes Hong Kong’s new identity after reuniting with the motherland.

Hong Kong SAR passports

A Hong Kong SAR passport is a Chinese-issued document for citizens of Hong Kong. A Hong Kong passport is valid for travel to more than 150 countries worldwide. To obtain a Hong Kong passport, a foreign permanent resident of the SAR must first naturalize as a Chinese citizen. Chinese nationality law does not recognize dual nationality. To obtain a Hong Kong passport, complete an application form online.

Switching nationalities can be costly and lengthy, but the benefits are worth it. People who are currently U.S. citizens can apply to change their race and become Chinese citizens by undergoing an application process with the Hong Kong immigration department. It usually involves a lengthy process involving paperwork, interviews, and fees of US$2,350. The process is relatively simple if a foreign national is already a citizen of another country.

The Immigration Department of Hong Kong issues Hong Kong SAR passports for permanent residents who are also Chinese citizens. These passports contain English and traditional Chinese characters and are authorized by the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China. There is also an English version of the passport. In the meantime, Chinese citizens who wish to visit China or apply for an international visa must wait until the Chinese Embassy approves the application.

A Chinese citizen can apply for an HKSAR passport online if they hold a valid Hong Kong permanent identity card. The online application process is only applicable to the first application. The online application process cannot change personal particulars in the passport. To apply for a Hong Kong passport in person, a Chinese citizen must make an appointment with Immigration Headquarters and upload a recent color photograph on a plain white background.

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Document of identity for visa purposes

Chinese passport holders who wish to travel to Hong Kong can apply for a PAR. This document is linked to a traveler’s passport. If that passport is invalid, the traveler must register with a new one. Official and diplomatic passport holders of India are exempted from this requirement. In this case, it is recommended to obtain a Chinese passport if you wish to travel to Hong Kong.

Document of identity for visa purposes for Hong Kong citizens with Chinese passports can be obtained through the embassy of the People’s Republic of China. The paper is valid for seven days and must be presented with a connecting flight ticket or visa to the destination country. Alternatively, holders of permanent residence cards are eligible to apply for multiple entry permits valid for two years. This document requires all Chinese citizens to go to Hong Kong for work or settling in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Document of Identity differs from a Hong Certificate of Identity. The former is a biometric travel document issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department. It is valid for seven years and is necessary for Hong Kong residents who cannot apply for a national passport. However, it is also helpful for people who want to visit Hong Kong without a Chinese visa. This is a must-have document for travel to Hong Kong and Macau.

Applicants who don’t have a birth certificate can obtain a CRP by filling out an application form and submitting it to the Public Security Bureau. HKID and the Exit-Entry Administration will verify the information and issue a Certificate of Entitlement. The Hong Kong Immigration Department will issue the certificate. The application process is free of charge. A CRP will usually take five weeks.

BNO passports

More Hongkongers are pursuing a BNO passport. Last year, more than 37,500 BNO passports were issued, the highest number in over a decade. Its power lies in visa-free travel and eligibility for ‘old Hongkongers’ born before 1997. A BNO passport reminds Hong Kong’s roots and core values.

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The Hong Kong government’s website lists the countries under the BNO scheme. For Hongkongers with B.N. (O) passports, the government of Hong Kong has confirmed that Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Hungary, and Finland accept a BNO letter instead of a Chinese passport. Furthermore, Norway and Finland also get BNOs. As of the time of writing, the British government has not extended the BNO scheme to B.N. (O) passport holders.

The BNO passport offer was made to a smaller group of people, including children. In the first three months of 2021, 35,000 Hongkongers have applied for a BNO passport. It is estimated that up to 16,300 BNO passport holders will move to the U.K. in 2020, accounting for up to 40 percent of the city’s total population. In October, the British government will expand the program to include young people whose parents have B.N. (O) status.

Besides a Hong Kong permanent identity card, Hongkongers with Chinese passports must also hold a Hong Kong passport. The key is issued by the Immigration Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HSAR), under the government of the People’s Republic of China. The passport is printed in traditional Chinese characters and English and can be used in over 150 countries. While Hongkongers with Chinese keys must have a Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, it is valid for children for ten or five years.

Dual nationality

People of Hong Kong have two kinds of passports. They can have one if they are a permanent resident of Hong Kong, or they can obtain a Chinese visa if they are a Chinese citizen. Both passports are issued by the Immigration Department of the Government of Hong Kong, with the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China’s approval. Hong Kong passports have both Chinese traditional characters and English.

Mainland China has stricter rules on dual citizenship, so some wealthy individuals in Hong Kong may have secretly held a foreign passport. In January, the U.K. introduced a particular visa pathway for British National (Overseas) passport holders, which includes Hongkongers born before 1997, but Beijing has refused to recognize such documents. Therefore, it seems Hongkongers will have to choose between a British passport and a Chinese passport.

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However, pro-Beijing officials are also trying to close loopholes in the system. One proposal has been to revoke the right of abode to dual citizens. The Chinese government, however, said it had no plans to change the rules for dual citizenship and will continue to work on improving the situation. However, the ruling has not been formally adopted yet. However, the new rules will affect many Hongkongers who are ethnic Chinese and hold Chinese passports.

Despite the repercussions, many Hongkongers are not leaving the city. In recent years, they have protested against the promulgation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and the centennial of the Chinese Communist Party. However, the government has since opened the doors for Hong Kong residents, including Adrian Leung. He had planned to move to Canada when the political turmoil in Hong Kong hit him. However, he decided to stay in the U.K after introducing a new visa program.

Mainland Travel Permit

The Mainland Travel Permit for Hongkonger is a legal document allowing you to visit the Mainland. It will have a nine-digit citizen number and a two-digit issuing sequence number. Hongkongers and Macau residents will have three rights and six public services. These include free education for their children, free public employment, hygiene, and culture. Hongkongers will receive their permit number as soon as they arrive in China.

In addition to Mainland Travel Permit for Hongkonger residents, you can also obtain a home return permit. This travel document will make it easier for you to get financial services, register a car, or access travel concessions. This document will also give you legal identification, enabling you to enjoy essential public services. Moreover, you will not have to worry about queueing at train stations or other transportation terminals.

In addition, Mainland residents can renew their home return permits on the Mainland by visiting their family members on the Mainland. The home-return license is only valid for five years. However, a Hong Kong resident can also apply for a temporary home visit permit. The quota for this permit is 150 per day. This new policy will be helpful for people whose home-return licenses are about to expire.

Mainland travelers with valid nucleic acid test certificates do not have to enter quarantine in Hong Kong. They are no longer required to undergo quarantine due to recent coronavirus outbreaks in China. However, Mainland travelers still have to take several tests upon arrival in Hong Kong and a few difficulties while there. This makes the whole process of applying for the Mainland Travel Permit for Hongkongers more convenient.

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